I have been extremely happy with the quality of work from you and your staff. Your reviews and chronos have been excellent and have given me great insight on my cases. I appreciate the quality and timeliness of your work. Thank you for all your help!
The team at LNCS has been invaluable to me in investigating and substantiating claims of abuse and neglect of the elderly. the work product from LNCS is always timely and through.
The Staff of LNC Solutions has provided great service to my law firm for a number of years. They have always been willing to listen to my office’s unique request, and always willing to be flexible with different approaches for different cases. They have much experience with nursing home litigation, my primary specialty, and have provided great consulting services in addition to the basic records organizing and summarizing.

We must thank the staff at Legal Nurse Consulting Solutions for their personalized service and quality work-product. Not only have they provided me with meticulous reviews, but also they have offered unlimited support in interpreting medical records. It is very reassuring to know that i can just pick up the phone to get a reliable, accurate translation of medical terms or a straightforward screening of a case for merit.


We appreciate the timeliness and quality of their work!

adam peck, ESQ.


I have had the pleasure of working with LNC Solutions team on multiple complex cases. I found that their expertise in the nursing field had allowed her to focus on the issues of the case.

I have used LNC Solutions to identify issues from the start of my case through to trial. Their nurses knows how to analyze the case and offers a wealth of knowledge.  They even identifies the appropriate experts for the case and has a very good working relationship with them.  They value LNCS Nurses input and work very well with them.

Personally, I would not pursued a case without their help.  They know nursing standards inside out!


Gale Walker, Rn, msn, jd