Nursing Home Legal Nurse

Since the inception of Legal Nurse Consulting Solutions, we have dedicated our consulting firm to the review of nursing home and long term care related legal cases such as:

  • Medical neglect
  • Physical and sexual abuse
  • Bedsores and pressure ulcers
  • Medications errors and deviations from care plans
  • Injuries from poor hygiene and malnourishment
  • Failure to maintain proper infection control programs
  • Delayed or canceled medical procedure
  • MDS Assessment deficiencies

Our Process of reviewing nursing home cases

Initial Merit Review by Nursing Home Legal Nurse Consultants

Nursing home legal nurse consultants specialize in evaluation of nursing home medical records to determine if the case has merit.  Without spending too much time, our nursing home nurse consultants can provide a thumbs up/thumbs down review.

This review will also provide a list of missing records, or any pertinent information that may be helpful to further review your case to determine merit.

Organizing and analyzing Medical Records and Medical Bills by Nursing Home Legal Nurse Consultants

If the case has merit, we will assist in compiling and organizing all the medical records and bills to identify any missing or pertinent records that can make or break your case merit.

Case Chronology and Report – Nursing Home Legal Nurse

The next step in our review process is to compile a comprehensive case summary report which is in IRAC (Issue, Rule, application, conclusion) format to list deviation from any nursing standards of care, violations of state and federal laws and regulations as applicable, and any damages caused by these breaches. 

Litigation Support Services

We will be on your litigation team to organize any additional records and reports and compare the defense produced records with bate number which is trackable by the plaintiff and defense. It is set to identify any mismatch or missing records. Working with dense nursing home medical records is our specialty. Our services allow you and your team to spend your time on case strategy and not leafing through thick medical records.

Our complete and organized records will be bates stamped and bookmarked with properly categorized nursing home tabs. LNC Solutions consultants are available for deposition/trial preparation to identify potential defendants to be deposed, prepare trial presentation/exhibits with medical illustrations to help Jury understand the causes/damages your client may have suffered.

Review Turn-around time

Our typical turn around time for merit review is within 14 days.  Our comprehensive review will be completed within 30 days or sooner if you are running against the statute of limitations to file your case.  Our team of experienced nurses are ready to assist with your next nursing home case review.  Call or email us today!