Medical Records Sorting, Review & Analysis

In reviewing the medical records, Legal Nurse Consulting Solutions nurses will identify the breaches in standards of care and uncover any anomalies that support a finding of malpractice, negligence, abuse or violations of a resident’s rights.

We offer case screenings, thorough case reviews and abbreviated case summaries which can be tailored to meet each attorney’s needs.

We’ll sort, bates stamp, and scan your records and include bates stamps in our review for ease of accessibility. We will also identify the missing records that are pertinent to enhancing your case. We’ll review, analyze and prepare medical records for litigation. We will also sort and analyze Department of Health surveys as they relate to your case.

We also offer the option of utilizing Casemap products to integrate seamlessly with your practice software if requested. We offer quick turnaround and can meet any deadline!

Case Screening for Merit

Careful screening of cases will avoid wasted time and expense. Save time and money by letting us screen cases for merit.

Legal Nurse Consulting Solutions

Your dedicated nurse consultant is trained and managed by LNCS to find the failures, find the injuries, and match the injuries to the failures.  Our consortium of professional nurses ensures that you receive a highly skilled clinical opinion every time, without costly overhead. We have qualified professional staff readily available to provide you with excellent services to assist you in maximizing the value of your case.

Utilizing cutting edge technology that synthesizes the medical information relative to your case, our dedicated legal nurse consultants can streamline your case while saving you the tedium of reviewing records.

Our nurses are experienced in identifying the complicated and often long-term medical effects suffered from accident injuries, uncovering contributing conditions in healthcare facilities, and pinpointing instances of abuse and neglect.

The legal-minded nurse consultants at LNCS consider it imperative to investigate and alert attorneys to each missing record and every medical failure within a case. Attorneys can rest assured that the LNCS team will find the “needle in the haystack”.

Nationwide Expert Witness Referral

Carefully choose your testifying and/or trial experts to maximize all aspects of your case.  Our experts are well-qualified and experienced in the field for which they are retained.

Because we work closely with your medical records and will possess intimate knowledge of your case, our coordination services can prove invaluable when determining the right expert for your next big case.

Don’t run into the issues associated with using same experts over and over again!  Your same expert may be challenged by your adversary.  Take advantage of our sister company, Med League Support Services’ wide network of well-qualified experts from academic to rural practitioner.  Med League has developed and maintained their expert database since 1989 to cover a wide range of medical, nursing and any type of healthcare expert for your case.

Deposition & Trial Support

LNC Solutions offers a multidimensional, in-depth overview and analysis of your case to assist you in the preparation for deposition or trial. We can also attend depositions and trials as your litigation team.

Our nurses are also here to assist with any medical graphics and trial charts to help you with mediation and trial exhibits.  We can take medical facts, records, and expert reports and convert that into clear, easy to understand, colorful graphics to help understand by a lay person/jury.

Record Retrieval Service

With world-class customer service, we provide attorneys the one of the fastest and most efficient medical record retrieval experiences in the industry.

Our process and our dedicated team take the worry off of you and save you precious time in the record retrieval process.

Don’t stress, working with LNCS is easy.

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